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One of the Finest in Interior and Architecture Photographers in Gurgaon, Sidharth Mehra, learnt the fine nuances in the art of Photography from one of the Best Master Photographers there is, ie Mr.Aditya Arya. His guidance fine tuned Sidharth Mehra’s skills in the field of Photography and helped him realise his strong passion in the Interior and Architecture field.

Through the relatively short journey on this road, Sidharth Mehra has achieved fame in this field and has a long clientele who he has served satisfactorily, the proof lies in the repeat assignments executed successfully by Sidharth Mehra. His Mission and Vision is to provide and impart the Best Photography Service Provider with Advanced Technology, Equipments and Tools. In the field, his Dedicated Team accomplished every Project with the commitment and fervour that Sidharth Mehra Photography has come to be known for.


Some of his Best works can be viewed here spanning all across a vast range of projects, such as Corporate Offices, Co-Working Spaces, Luxury Homes, Schools, Institutions, Terrace gardens, etc. The Excellence and Brilliance of Sidharth Mehra’s work cannot be missed and is evident from the glimpses provided on his web site. Sidharth Mehra has made a name for himself due to his sheer Professional attitude and as someone who executes every assignment with sincerity and thorough focus.

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